бурбон wild turkey

When we first sat down to do the tasting for Wild Turkey (which was conducted in a special online session for web journalists), we didn’t have very high expectations.

Wild Turkey Bourbon, while obsequious, never really struck us as a spirit we would go WOW over.

Tasting six spirits from the Wild Turkey line, including two from the Russell’s Reserve collection (named after master distiller Jimmy Russell), we were bowled over by how well the Wild Turkey line is distilled.

Almost every bourbon left our mouths clean and cool after a strong and flavorful finish.

All too often we fall for a heavyweight spirit that is both expensive and hard to come by.

The great thing about our Wild Turkey favorites are they are neither expensive nor hard to get.

Here’s how they fared with our panel: Wild Turkey Straight Bourbon 101 (101 proof $20) – Distinct for being bottled at a higher proof than many commercial bourbons, Wild Turkey Straight Bourbon is a mix of bourbons 4 years and older (primarily 7 year, with 6 and 8 year mixed in).

It’s a solid orange color with a very fragrant nose that features notes of cinnamon, oak, orange and honey.

The entry is soft and sweet with some nice spice including vanilla, caramel and cinnamon.

There’s some good heat here to complement the spice but it’s not overwhelming.

After a nice soft finish this spirit completely cleans up leaving your mouth noticeably cool and clean.

This is one of the cleanest bourbon finishes we’ve seen and while there isn’t a ton of complexity to Wild Turkey Straight, it is one of the more drinkable bourbons we’ve had – a surprise at this proof.