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The House of Salim is built around a core team of people who have been in business more than 20 years.

We pride ourselves on being your one-stop interior decorating store, and the only way we can achieve this vision is through an ongoing, dynamic team effort.

We only work with the best talent to complement our offering, on top of using the best manufacturers in the country, sourcing the finest local materials, using only locally manufactured products, and we exclusively support South African industry.

We believe that people don’t buy we do it – that’s our way of keeping the House of Salim proudly South African.

So if you believe what we believe, stop by our showroom to discuss the range of services we can offer you, from custom furniture, carpeting and blinds, to wooden flooring, fitted cupboards and home automation, and see how we can add the right kind of touch to your beautiful home.

Sit back, relax, and take a little while to browse what the House of Salim can do for your beautiful residence.

When you're done, drop us a line or come and visit us for an obligation-free one-on-one consultation.

Let us work with you to ensure your setting provides hours of entertainment and endless evenings spent wining and dining in luxury and comfort.

From small and cosy to banquet-styled furniture, choose the House of Salim as your one-stop interior decorating store.

It’s the place where every single day ends, and every new day begins.

Design your family’s bedrooms with the ultimate in comfort and relaxation using exquisite finishes.

Select from a wide range of easy-on-the-eye layouts, designs and colours, at the House of Salim.